10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane *SPOILER ALERT!*

The story how I ended up knowing anything about this movie [and its preceding movie, Cloverfield] is simply because my roommate has been pretty hyped about it. A few weeks ago, he found out that the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane had been released. Then, he [as he always does with any other movies, show, podcast, or anything else that he is interested in] explained to me about the previous movie, Cloverfield, which was directed by J.J. Abrams. We ended up watching Cloverfield on one night. And that was how I knew about Cloverfield in the first place.

Today, we ended up watching the ontological sequel of Cloverfield. My first reaction when all the suspense [and all the craziness that caught me off guard for too many times] ended was “Fuck…”, followed by a big sigh of relief.

I am not a big fan of a thriller movie, because I get uneasy when the tense rises [especially with loud and abrupt noises]. Yet, I agreed to see this one, because I thought it wouldn’t be that bad; I thought watching Cloverfield wasn’t too bad, so this one shouldn’t kill me. However, I didn’t put into consideration the fact that I’m watching it in cinema [and on UltraAVX]. So, my personal emotional response was: my heart skipped too many beats throughout the entire movie… Oh well…

Anyways… First, I would like to bring up Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane’s production. I should say that there is something special with the story and, especially, production of Cloverfield series. It’s produced in a pretty unique way, I should say. From what my roommate tells me, they produce the movie as if it is connected to the actual world. They throw some clues or any related stuffs to public in interesting ways. For example, they sell the actual drinks that the characters have and put some [missing] puzzle pieces in the drinks they sell. It’s something that is impossible to find with current blockbuster movies; I appreciate this move.

Plot-wise, I like the story of 10 Cloverfield Lane that still yet to reveal its mysteries. Just like the original Cloverfield, this one leaves us a lot of questions. It gives room for people to speculate and create assumptions. I find this kind of flexibility and playfulness in leaving people hanging interesting. I would say that the plot development is very successful, because they do the character development really well too.

Long story short, this girl named Michelle was running away from his boyfriend. When she was driving, she went into a car crash. When she woke up, she was locked in a bunker with steel door. Then, a big guy came to look after her [Howard]. She was afraid and tried to escape. However, Howard convinced her that something is going on on the surface [chemical or nuclear attack]. She was then further convinced by Emmet, who happened to be there too. He said that he knew Howard and helped him to build this bunker. She was convinced, but not for so long. At one point, she had to fix the air filtering system and found out that there had actually been another girl kidnapped by Howard. She made an escape plan with Emmet. Unfortunately, Howard figured it out and killed Emmet. It was just the 2 of them now. This is the point where it became more intense… Then, she tried to escape by trying to kill Howard [and yes he is dead]. When she was outside, the air wasn’t contaminated or whatsoever. However, there was a metallic monster that looked like a wolf or dog chasing her around. Also, apparently there was a giant weird looking monster flying in the sky. After dealing with the monsters, she then fled to Houston. It became the place where all survivors were concentrated.

Michelle: I find her kinda annoying at the beginning due to her inability to comply to the situation. Yet, she has a certain belief that she holds on to [which then later is proven to be true]. She refuses to believe what Howard says, because there is no way to prove that there is any chemical or nuclear attack on the surface. She also shows bravery from the middle towards the end of the movie, which I find intriguing.

Howard: this character is played really well. He is able to make us change our mind back and forth in a short period of time. At some points, his words seem to be credible and true. All before the dark truth about him was revealed when Michelle found out that something is actually wrong with him. He is likely to have had killed this other woman that he kidnapped previously [Megan, who turned out to be Brittany]. And it turned out that he actually has a bad intention. Yet, things don’t just fall into place properly. Why is it her that he kidnapped, for it just seemed to be an accidental accident? Why does the monster attack, that comes out of nowhere, seem to help him to execute his plan? Things are simply too ‘coincidental’.

Emmet: he is sort of gullible, yet very kind and heroic. His tendency to change his mind helps the storyline to develop rather easily and smoothly. First, he believed that Howard is a good guy, because he knew Howard beforehand. However, he then helps Michelle to plan an escape plan by making this DIY anti-smog suit after Michelle told him about Megan. Towards the end of the movie, he sacrificed himself when they were confronted by Howard. He got killed and put into the perchloric acid [I need to stress this detail, I don’t know why].

And yes… It leaves us questioning a lot of ‘missing’ details that prevent us from concluding the movie as a whole. Nevertheless, I find it a successful work of art in terms of its delivery, story and character development.


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