Impromptu Farm Visit

Last week, nearing the end of my [architecture] studio class, one of my friends asked me and few other people to join her going to an experimental farm close to our school because she needed to see the site for a pavilion she was going to design. Without any further thoughts, we made the spontaneous decision to visit the farm right away. I thought it would be fun. The temperature outside was really nice, only around -3ºC [trust me, you’ll understand it if you spend months at -17ºC], so why not going out for a bit of walk? The sky was also clear; I thought I could take some nice pictures too. Considering Canada’s weather that is somewhat like a bitch [just the weather guys! The people are nice!], it was a really good day.

The trip was not too short, yet not too long. We supposedly needed about 10-15 minutes to get to the farm, but I couldn’t help myself not to make stops along the way. It took us longer than that to get there, but hey! they like the photos I took and asked for them afterwards. We walked down some small paths, over canal gate that bridges the two sides, along the farmland, across the street, and through the snow! One of my friends didn’t wear his boots, and he regretted it. We didn’t just get there, see the site, and left. Instead, we also played in the snow and ice. A trip that would normally take 40 minutes to be completed, drastically changed to an over 90 minutes trip.

When we got there, however, it turned out that the entire farm was covered in snow. Well… It should be something obvious that we [at least she…] should have considered. But, oh well, my main goal for going out was just to simply take pictures, right? [I’m making an excuse here] Nevertheless, it gave me a new kind of experience. I had never really taken any photos out in the snow. This time was my first time, and it turned out to be super fun! The monochromatic colour [dominated by white] is pretty fun to explore with.

I was having fun. Thinking about how this, surveying a site, will be something we do a lot later as, if we become one, architects, I feel that it can be somehow rewarding at some points..

Here are some of the photos!



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