First Spring Outing

The weather has been an awful lot more friendly than the past months, so I decided to revisit some of the less known places [they are not a tourism site, yet it’s still awesome] in Ottawa. I knew these places from my last semester course in Introduction to Architecture. My professor made us do some walkabouts in Ottawa. That was how I got to know this new town pretty quickly, actually!

We went to an old abandoned train track, called Prince of Wales Bridge, that led to Lemieux Island. It’s in north-west of Ottawa. Then, we walked around by the Ottawa River, before we got back to the roadside and walked towards downtown. It took us about 2.5 hours.

I went with 3 of my friends. Cynthia, Michelle and Shirlmaine. And guess what, I think I just discovered a talent during the photoshoot. Yes, Shirlmaine impressed me right away when I was taking pictures of her!

I was having fun, too. This was basically my first time ever taking photos of a number of people, outdoor. It was pretty challenging, to be honest. I didn’t really know how to tell them how to pose. It went pretty good for a first attempt, so I believe that I will get the hang of it if I keep on doing it. It was a very good experience to improve my photography skills, though!

Please see the photos here!


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