Carleton University Butterfly Show 2016

Hello, my dear readers! I know that it has been a while since I updated—about a month or so—my works. I have been quite busy trying to hit the ground running as I’m back for university now. However, today, I had the opportunity to go to the annual Butterfly Show on my campus with my girlfriend (who goes to University of Ottawa and they got nothing like this in their university)!

Basically, these butterflies—of about 40 species—were transported from various tropical places when they entered their pupa phase to here. In other words, none of these butterflies are native to North America. In fact, about 5 species came from Indonesia, apparently.

When they arrived, they were incubated. After they completed their metamorphosis and turned into beautiful butterflies, they were released in this about 5x5m green house that has been conditioned at tropical environment—both humidity and temperature. They also got a number of tropical plants, which are very familiar because I see those plants a lot back in Indonesia. Personally, it was a short getaway from the northern weather!

The waiting line to get it was pretty insane: a solid 2.5 hours! There were many families with a bunch of kids. Though the waiting time was not pretty, it was quite worth it, I’d say.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took! Enjoy!

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