Exploring the Power of Black & White

I have been thinking to myself lately about how I can explore more areas and improve my photography. Reading articles, seeing other people’s portfolios, and experimenting new things on my own have become my temporary routine. I learn many new things just by spending a good chunk of time redoing what I have done hundreds of times before—researching about photography. One thing that intrigued me the most from those searches is black and white photography. I have had interest in it previously, but never really dived into it. However, somehow, this time I really got struck with this excitement when I look at black and white pictures. It looks silent, but it powerful. It speaks a different language. It strikes you with the story that the object—or subject— has to tell; just the story as it is with no side ingredients. It’s minimal, but it’s massive. This is what I learn from observing the works of great photographs; it’s also perhaps why black & white photography works well with photojournalism that’s intended to tell stories.

I’m really looking forward to explore the possibilities of black & white photography in the near future. Here are some of my early experiments.

What do you think? Share your opinion!

In addition to that, I will also explore more on landscape photography and photojournalism. I’m still on my quest finding my photography ilk, so it’s a fun journey to take.


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