Foggy Day in Ottawa (Canada)

In all of sudden, yesterday was very cloudy, foggy and chilly here in Ottawa; well, the weather is pretty much the same today as it’s only 12ºC in the middle of summer season. It’s very unfortunate—this kind of weather, but we had an idea. Instead of just staying indoors feeling sad and sorry about the weather, we dressed up and stepped out of the room and make the most out of the day!

One thing about a cloudy day: it serves us, photographers, with a good, soft and even natural light. During cloudy days, there won’t be any extreme glaring sunlight that may sometimes be hard to deal with. It creates different mood and effect to your photos. So, it doesn’t matter how the weather treats you, you can always do something with it and get away with something.

We went to Alexandra Bridge—one of the three bridges that connect Ottawa, Ontario with Gatineau, Québec. I have never been before and I had the opportunity to look at Ottawa from a different angle; we were also provided with the, surprisingly, mesmerizing view from above Ottawa River as the fog hung low over the city. It was fun!

My girlfriend also took the time to get her hands on cameras while we were outside. I’m sure she will get the hang of it soon enough. I better watch out!

As a finale, we went to a small bookstore near my girlfriend’s apartment that sells tons of used and old books. We have walked pass by the store a thousand times, yet we haven’t had the urge to stop by. I fell in love with the place from the first step I took when we walked in. The place was like a time capsule, recording a handful of memories as old as a hundred years. I love books. But, these books are more than just what the content has to say; they bring, along with them, the unspoken stories of the previous owners. The tears and fold lines found all over the book became the witness of time. What knowledge or revelation have these books given to people who had them in their hands before me? Ah, it’s a very satisfying contemplation to think about; may as well write a full post talking about it. 😉

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