Mt. Rinjani (3,726m) 2016

“A journey in nature is never about conquering it—simply because you can never really do so. It is more about us embracing and finding ourselves, and then making sense of our presence in the world.” — me, myself, and I.

To begin with, I’m very happy as I’m writing this post. One reason is because climbing this mountain has given me a great amount of personal experience and insight, and awe towards Mother Nature (Indonesia’s nature particularly) for its endless splendour. The other is, obviously, because I have another opportunity to boast about this lovely country! Now, I want to boast about Indonesia being situated right in the ‘Ring of Fire’. What is it?

According to The Lonely Planet, “due to Indonesia’s placement on a significant segment of the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, two large crustal plates (the Indian Ocean and western Pacific) are forced under the massive Eurasian plate, where they melt at approximately 100km beneath the surface. Some of the magma rises and erupts to form the string of volcanic islands across Indonesia”.

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First Spring Outing [Prince of Wales Bridge]

Please check the photos below… Please start some discussions if you have any inputs!

And by the way, SPRING IS HERE! Yesterday was around 8ºC and today is 10ºC.