First Spring Outing

The weather has been an awful lot more friendly than the past months, so I decided to revisit some of the less known places [they are not a tourism site, yet it’s still awesome] in Ottawa. I knew these places from my last semester course in Introduction to Architecture. My professor made us do some walkabouts in Ottawa. That was how I got to know this new town pretty quickly, actually!

We went to an old abandoned train track, called Prince of Wales Bridge, that led to Lemieux Island. It’s in north-west of Ottawa. Then, we walked around by the Ottawa River, before we got back to the roadside and walked towards downtown. It took us about 2.5 hours. Continue reading “First Spring Outing”


First Spring Outing [Prince of Wales Bridge]

Please check the photos below… Please start some discussions if you have any inputs!

And by the way, SPRING IS HERE! Yesterday was around 8ºC and today is 10ºC.

Impromptu Farm Visit

Last week, nearing the end of my [architecture] studio class, one of my friends asked me and few other people to join her going to an experimental farm close to our school because she needed to see the site for a pavilion she was going to design. Without any further thoughts, we made the spontaneous decision to visit the farm right away. I thought it would be fun. The temperature outside was really nice, only around -3ºC [trust me, you’ll understand it if you spend months at -17ºC], so why not going out for a bit of walk? The sky was also clear; I thought I could take some nice pictures too. Considering Canada’s weather that is somewhat like a bitch [just the weather guys! The people are nice!], it was a really good day. Continue reading “Impromptu Farm Visit”